Our interest and involvment in heritage protection began in 1972 and continues today. Nearly 10 years ago in 2014 local residents asked us to help save the 1880s Victorian villa Frogmore from demolition. Despite strong community opposition, a petition of over 1000 signatures, a nomination to Heritage Victoria, an interim protection order and a Council commissioned Heritage Report (which concluded that Frogmore was a significant cultural asset of Glen Eira and should be conserved); the Victorian Italianate brick house with its distinctive tower was felled in late 2015. (Scroll down for more information on Frogmore)

In 2022 we nominated the Caulfield Racecourse for inclusion on the Victorian Heritage Register and the nomination was successful. Scroll down to read more.

We continue to speak out on local heritage issues and have made nominations to Heritage Victoria and been a party to VCAT hearings. We are not able to support every heritage campaign but may be able to provide advice.

The National Trust Advocacy Toolkit is a good online resource to help individuals and communities advocate for protection of places of cultural heritage significance. https://www.nationaltrust.org.au/advocacy-toolkit/

Recent and current campaigns:

GEHS nominates Caulfield Racecourse for inclusion on the Victorian Heritage Register (January 2022)

The decision by the Heritage Council of Victoria was announced in February 2023.

Decision: Caulfield Racecourse, Normanby Road, Caulfield, is of cultural heritage significance to the State of Victoria and is to be included as a Registered Place in the Victorian Heritage Register.


We’ve now had a chance to read over and consider the 45 pages – a pleasing result in some respects, disappointing in others.

The big win is that all the Crown Land for Caulfield Racecourse is now on the Victorian Heritage Register.  Apart from the Permit Exemptions decided upon by the Council and various Heritage Permits already granted, changes to that part of the Racecourse now require Heritage Permits from Heritage Victoria.  (The Freehold land including the Community and Booran Lodge Stables is largely not included in this.)

Caulfield Racecourse – The back story

March 2022 – Heritage Victoria says that the Caulfield Racecourse is of State-level cultural heritage significance and should be included in the Victorian Heritage Register (March 2022). HV RECOMMENDATION-INCLUDE-CAULFIELD-RACECOURSE

A Heritage Council Registration Hearing will be held over 3 days in November, 21-23 November 2022.

Interim Protection Order (IPO) placed on Caulfield Racecourse (January 2022)

Heritage Council has determined to make an IPO in relation to Caulfield Racecourse, following our request.

“The policy guideline states that if the Heritage Council forms the opinion that the place may have a prima facie case for inclusion in the Victorian Heritage Register (‘the Register’) and is under immediate or imminent threat of damage or destruction, it may make an IPO”

“The Committee has carefully considered written material and documentation provided to it and has formed the view that there is evidence of an immediate or imminent threat to the above place, evidenced both by works currently underway and also works proposed, including to elements within the site which may have prima facie cultural heritage significance to the State of Victoria. The Committee has therefore determined that an IPO should be made in relation to the above place [Caulfield Racecourse].”

  • See letter on this issue from David Southwick MP, Member for Caulfield to Lily D’Ambrosio MP Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change.
  • Heritage trees destroyed and demolition of significant buildings imminent at the Caulfield Racecourse, reported in The Age online 21 January 2022


10-16 Selwyn St, Elsternwick

(Woolworths’ entity Fabcot Pty Ltd)
The decision of 7/9/2022 from the second round at VCAT approved the Planning Permit with some changes including:
3 floor reduction for the southern tower, increased setbacks for the eastern side of the southern tower.
These are in recognition of the Design and Development Overlay applying to that part of Elsternwick and in recognition of the effect of the visual bulk and reduction in amenity for
Glenmoore 1 St Georges Road,
The approved Woolworths development includes:
– Southern tower of 6 storeys
– Northern tower of 9 storeys
– Full scale supermarket with fullparking provided in a basementcarpark – entry from SelwynStreet
Loading bay with truck turntable for supermarket will be on Sinclair Street with a range of traffic restrictions.
Reflecting on the original proposal Woolworths put to the first VCAT of 14 storeys for the Southern tower with it extending into the (heritage) registered land for the Former Fire Station, this final result is 6 storeys with no extension into the registered land

Initial decision 2020 – 10-16 Selwyn Street, Elsternwick (Woolworths’ entity Fabcot Pty Ltd v Glen Eira CC). VCAT decision of 7/9/2020 refused the planning application http://www8.austlii.edu.au/cgi-bin/viewdoc/au/cases/vic/VCAT/2020/957.html

Former Woodlands Supermarket, Murrumbeena

430-434 Neerim Road Murrumbeena (former Woodlands supermarket) – development of a seven-level building for student accommodation (97 units) with retail at ground floor. (Vivace Property Group V Glen Eira CC)

Latest – Following a second VCAT hearing in June 2022, (after Glen Eira Council refused  the developer’s initial application in November 2021), a permit was granted on 11 August 2022.

The permit allows: use of the site for Accommodation, construction of a building and construction or carrying out of works, demolition; and reduction in the required number of car parking spaces.

    Glen Eira Heritage Overlays

    Schedule to the Heritage Overlay at June 2021

    Victorian Heritage Register

    The City of Glen Eira has 23 places listed on the Victorian Heritage Register. Click here

    Nominations by GEHS to the Victorian Heritage Register

    1. Former Caulfield Repatriation Hospital (nominated 2016)

    Decision: That the Former Red Cross Rest House, Caulfield, be included as a Heritage Place in the Victorian Heritage Register, and that the remainder of the Former Caulfield Repatriation Hospital not be included.

    Latest – The restoration of the former Red Cross Rest House will commence soon including demolition of the 1970s Montgomery nursing home. The original Red Cross Rest House will be repurposed as a community hub for the aged care services on the site. (Hammondcare Caulfield publicity flyer June 2021)

    2. William Dargie Murals (nominated 2015)

    Decision 2018: That the objects not be included in the Victorian Heritage Register ED-RECOMMENDATION-DARGIE-MURALS-NOT-INCLUDE

    3. Frogmore (nominated 2015)

    Decision: That Frogmore not be included in the Victorian Heritage Register

    Heritage assessment of Frogmore  Graeme Butler and Associates 2015

    4. Caulfield Racecourse (nominated 2022)

    Decision : That Caulfield Racecourse, Normanby Road, Caulfield, is of cultural heritage significance to the State of Victoria and is to be included as a Registered Place in the Victorian Heritage Register





    We acknowledge we are on the traditional land of the Boon Wurrung people of the Kulin nation, who lived on, loved and nurtured this country. The people of the Glen Eira area are the Yalukut Weelam clan. Australia’s Indigenous people are the oldest continuing culture in the world.


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